advice for installation

General Information
We check the purchased product immediately after delivery - possible damage to the goods after transport, completeness parts or manufacturing defects. Report the errors or incompleteness of the product immediately after purchase goods. In case of damage to the product in any way do not continue installing bling and contact the store where you purchased the product. Equipment for each claim must be submitted photo of the product packaging and extent of damage. Later, the errors will not be accepted. The purchased goods must be handled carefully and with care. When transporting the shower do not to consider another product. Several showers can be transported only asked the length of one side or the - edge, in any event, not to impose one product on another. At the transportation and installation should pay attention to the framed glass edge. Glass is not to be lifted over the surface but aside to avoid tension and subsequent glass breakage.
Note: Safety glass can not be repaired. When striking the edge of unframed glass breaks into small pieces.
Mounting trays
Masonry walls should be encased to the ground. If during installation hangs below tile bath, shower trays will extend the dimensions and you can not install it! Later, on a silicone seal to create a small crack, which may cause wetting of the wall from across the room. To seal the trays we use sanitary, transparent or white, neutral silicone sealant. Silicone sealant is applied to all parts of the siphon under mounting instructions to siphon material combined with the bathwater and later to prevent overflowing. Before installation of the tray itself, inspect the leak of the tray siphon. To seal the trays we use first-mentioned silicone, we seal the tray around its circumference (the gap between the tub and the wall) and then enclose decorative sealing strips, which also glue to the tray and walls. Leave to cure for 24 hours and then begin installing the shower enclosure.
Installation of shower enclosure
The wall must be solid - brick and must be in spirit level and right angles. Make sure that the shower tray is fitted correctly according to the installation instructions. Particular attention should be paid to the wall, when drilling holes to avoid damage hidden pipes or electrical cables. Before the installation, please remove the protective film of aluminum profiles and check the completeness of the product and its perfection.

Note: The installation of the shower enclosure is not simple and therefore at least two people are needed at the installation.

Individual glass parts lay always only on cardboard or cloth, not directly on the pavement. Shower always lay up on a piece of cloth or carpet, in any case, not on bare pavement or floor, so you do not scratch when installing aluminum profiles. Before and during rough handling parts with glass shower enclosure - watch glass! When installing, be careful that glass edges are framed with aluminum profiles come into contact with other objects such as. tiles, concrete, iron, glass ... If you plant a shower directly on the pavement, before mounting one day in advance to apply the lower edges of the glass solids thin layer of transparent neutral sanitary silicone that creates a protective layer on the glass to glass itself does not come into contact with the pavement. Allow silicone to harden up the next day to continue the installation. Failure to comply with the above actions may damage the glass parts, resulting breakage of glass. This damage is not covered by warranty. Since taking over a shower enclosure a customer himself is responsible for its manipulation. Shower lay up according to the enclosed installation instructions. If you have not received instructions in the box, immediately contact the office of AQUATEK, where you are then via email or fax sent the appropriate installation instructions. Without installation instructions in any case do not continue in installation. If you experience problems during installation, contact the office of AQUATEK, where data are available about the correct procedure for assembly. In that case, please have the appropriate instructions for the product, pen and paper.

You always lay up the shower to dry without the use of silicone(except rare cases when it is necessary to stick some parts because they can not be drilled). If the shower is installed, after completing the installation, proceed with the sealing of the shower enclosure. Each shower enclosure of AQUATEK company is of the silicone seals only from the outside. It is forbidden to seal with silicone on the inside, it stops flowing stream of water running down between the ceiling and the water do not get into the bowl, but will start to accumulate on the profiles and may be overflowing in places such as connection of glass and seals on the solid parts framed shower enclosures of the one and the other side of the enclosure. To seal the shower enclosure, use sanitary transparent or white neutral silicone and apply it to all the places where there may be a leak, but only from the outside, for example. where the lower guide combines a vertical profile and U profile on the wall + in place of chrome- plated covers set connection profiles). All sections shower enclosure must be placed on the floor (shower tray, low walls, floor ...), no part of the shower enclosure or not to even stand out mm outside this area, because shower enclosure profiles are hollow and could lead to leakage of water with sprinkler enclosure for the poor and impossible to seal with silicone on the outside.
Failure to observe these instructions will be treated as a breach of assembly process and claim for overflowing shower enclosure will not be accepted.
Ornamental moldings, which are used to seal the trays are not in any way touch the inside of the profile of any shower enclosure with wall rail should be stopped about 2 cm from the shape of the shower enclosure. When fitting the shower enclosure the foundation under it must be in spirit level. (Bath, low walls, and floor). If the surface is not flat, in any case do not adjust the shower to the mentioned ground, but fit it into the plane and into a water-level and to support it. The upper and lower guide frame profiles for shower enclosures must be at water level - must be equally spaced around the circumference of shower enclosure to the door properly equiped and limit their mobility so. when fitting hinges on the glass all their parts - hinges, seals and places for holding the glass and the glass itself degrease to prevent the hinges and then the sink back lock. If the vertical or bottom seal carton twisted, just remove it from the glass, heat the hot air, let rest on a flat substrate and charge any subject. Seal must be retained in a room about 24 hours. After this time, you can seal the glass back fit. Seal vertical, bottom or magnetic deploy the glass from the edge and always only on one side, gradually along the length of the presser, until we get to the end of the other side, otherwise it may be damaged. Places where the gasket meets with spare parts (e. g. hinges, bottom drain ... groove) cut out to seal the opening deform. Showers are required after installation lubricate. Lubricate hinges that open the door, lubricate upper and lower guide sections at the sliding door. This operation is repeated regularly when you experience difficulties opening or retracting door. For lubrication use silicone oil (WD 40) or cream (Indulona) or classic soap.