How to choose?
Shower and proper selection ... two phrases, two meanings, which you want to combine in one, without any problems, worries, and especially once and stopped. Unless ... if you come across a site AQUATEK or time spent at your computer monitor or even a personal visit to our corporate exhibition hall, only it does nothing to ease. It is a fact that all of a sudden you find yourself face to face shockingly large selection of options and how to take a shower and one from a single manufacturer.

How to do it?
If you are the lucky ones, you own large bathroom and do not complicate your life by choosing only the bath or shower enclosure only. You can have both. In that case, congratulations, you have yet one headache less. You have the ability largest selection of shower enclosures, which only exists and there is already back to headache onset. If you own a small bathroom , do not despair, the company AQUATEK you can meet almost any situation and your primary problem with the selection will be solved easily. Decide between the tub and shower is in these hurried times of the simpler decisions. Shower could be your starter into a new day, a friend of the day, a darling of the evening when you are tired and beaten, and the only thing you stand on your feet a hot shower enclosed wonderful pieces of glass that will protect you from the world around you and you feel that you are safe ... yes, you are at home and AQUATEK for your comfort care.
1. Row – Space
The first contact with the planning plays a crucial role space. This step should not be underestimated at all, because it relieves you of possible complications that arise incorrect purchase. If you are not an amazing architect, never mind, just take a pen and paper, outline dimensions bathrooms - his plan and draw instead of water mains and sewage waste. If you cannot give advice themselves, just come into the store with that sketch and experts in the field of sanitary facilities and bathrooms will surely be pointed towards the right way. Shower enclosures are manufactured in standard sizes standardized, so it is best if you choose these options in order to save costs, which may arise atypical production model.
2.Row – shape
Shape shower enclosure affects space. In smaller bathrooms there are suitable showers of a rounded shape, so called (quarter-circle or circular) showers addressed to one of the corners in your bathroom. Today, however, there are produced rectangular variants, when one of the parties is larger and the latter smaller dimensions. Another option may be pentagonal shower, which has a front corner cut off, saving space in a small bathroom. If you own a large bathroom in popularity are wide front windscreen shower doors or large rectangular enclosures. For a summary of the space and shape we have a little cheat sheet:

Shower enclosure corner
80 x 80 cm, 90 x 90 cm
Shower enclosure square
80 x 80 cm, 90 x 90 cm
Shower enclosure pentagonal (truncated)
90 x 90 cm
Shower enclosure rectangular
72 x 90 cm, 80 x 100 cm, 80 x 120 cm, 90 x 120 cm, 80 x 140 cm
Front door
with glass filler from 66 to 160 cm (depending on model)
with acrylic filler from 60 to 140 cm (depending on model)
for models with acrylic filler is the possibility of atypical production.
3.Row – opening or sliding doors
If you own a small bathroom, you are bound to space and therefore in your contest wins retractable shower. But do not despair if someone scares you, you are worse off than owners who can afford clamshell model, just only smile about it and the room you choose from the menu. The company AQUATEK fact improved the method of insertion door. The series MASTER once used one wheels replace dual wheels, which make the lower pressing eject from the bottom of the guide and for easy cleaning and the glass door can uncover. Furthermore, the insertions will also meet with top of the line shower enclosures - in news in 2012 for a series of INFINITY. Other special products with a series of plug-door TEKNO that reaps success thanks to the large wheels on the top metal profile way to move the train along the rail. If you own a large bathroom, you may prefer to open the door. You can choose from a series of CRYSTAL - new in 2012, further series FRESH, FRESH WAY, VIP, BETTER, EXTRA, and GLASS PEARL. Each is distinctive, unique and deserves your attention. At each we chose a different handle, different shape hinge, lashing arms, glass thickness and the total height of shower enclosure. If I had to summarize, each option has its pros and cons:
Sliding models:
- Save space
- More complex maintenance
- May remain open after showering
- After opening drops run down into the tray
Opening models:
- Are difficult to space
- Maintenance is easier
- Must always be closed
- After opening the drops run down into the bowl
4.Row – Material and quality
Materiál – glass or plastic, an issue which is dealt with in the selection of shower enclosure. Formerly in the production of various models it was used only plastic filler. However, over time plastic got to the back and glass leads in selection. It is also due to properties that have - for its easy maintenance, longer life, greater thickness, strength and durability and, finally, design effect, customers prefer plastic glass before plastic filling and I just have to agree. However, if in the selection decides the price, plastic has no competition in this. However, it is also about the kind of thick of plastic that is used by the manufacturer. Our showers which are filled with plastic fillers are of good quality, as evidenced by the fact that customers who purchased the above mentioned model were reported after 6-7 years and want to replace only the necessary parts such as plastic hooks and hinges. This is a card that makes us very happy.

Quality - if I had to assist in the selection of quality of shower enclosure, first of all take an interest on the material used. The first time I met myself in front of the 30 models of shower enclosures in our society, all seemed the same to me. Gradually, I have received into the issue and I started noticing differences. The main guideline in choosing is the price - it is an unwritten rule that the most expensive model from the same manufacturer is the best. This is the pattern from which you can take an example of a retreat below according to your budget. If I have further advice in choosing between different manufacturers, ask how much that model weighs ... maybe you think it's funny, but believe me, this information will not leave you long in doubt. Then the best you will find much material manufacturer has invested in the product, because thinner sections are lighter, thinner glass is easier ... and therefore the price should be lower. You may be surprised that the weight of the product will be the same, but the price is not ... Observe all that is visible - the shape profiles, their thickness and height, material strength, ease of opening the door, magnets functionality and seals, because all affect the product. Equally important is the position and stability of the manufacturer on the market, time-honored quality is further guidance on the right choice, because later you may mot feel a headache when ordering parts. Each product wears out over time, therefore let precedence stability against single event. Shower is becoming inoperable even if only one spare part is missing. Each manufacturer uses different parts that cannot be replaced by anything else.
5.Row – shower tray - yes or no
AQUATEK COMPANY has offered several types of shower trays. Among the finest trays ranks sSculture series, which are ceramic shower trays. If you are worried about the cold when entering the shower or tub it is not at all to be afraid. I choose variant releasing water in the shower before showering itself and I do not feel at all any unpleasant cold chill. If you're afraid of damage of the trays at falling of the subject, I can assure you that all products used today are made of plastic and I personally have dropped more times to shampoo shower trays and nothing happened.

New for 2011, the baths of cast marble - HARD series, which will receive you because of its unique appearance. By laying directly on the floor you feel the bath has always been a part of your bathroom and you do not want to have another. Its properties are close ceramic trays, so that they rank second in quality. Follow a SMC series, which is strong, durable and stable. Material used in the manufacture of the layers to each other and thus producing tray that has the perfect characteristics that plastic containers previously never rich. Tray has the advantage of recess, you know to use it directly on the floor like a modern low or with legs and front face you make higher self-contained tub. With a combination of acrylic, fiberglass and cast marble will meet only on the model GOLD MIX. This is a higher trays, which are self through metal construction with scissors and exhibit sufficient strength and durability. The unique design of folded stones will not leave you cold in the selection and get your attention. The offer trays conclude new series STAR. These are acrylic trays, which are among the cheapest on offer. They have a metal structure with legs and also exhibit sufficient strength and durability. This series has a variety of designs shapes and sizes.

Recently we encounter with the installation of shower enclosure directly to the floor without the use of trays. Each shower of AQUATEK can be used directly on the floor, but I want to point out to the height of the model - if a customer chooses a higher tray, which is about 16 cm, standard shower enclosure height is 185 cm, and together form a whole amount of 201 cm . If the customer chooses a lower tray, which is about 3-4 cm or not, we use the showers above about 190-210 cm, to avoid that a customer encounters when entering head profile console or shower enclosure or it will leak water when showering top of the shower enclosure. Location of the shower drain - if you select drain, never place it at the door of your shower enclosure. It is because that did not happen, only that excess water will drain out through the door out of the shower enclosure. Be aware of the falls on the spot where you take a shower and the drain pan also to avoid the situation above mentioned by me. If you would like to have help when deciding on the beaker, that is, whether yes or no, I personally have a bath. Price baths and shower channel is almost the same, if not lower, lifetime of the ceramic trays parallels the life of ceramic tiles, you need to be used in the shower channel, cleaning and maintenance tray is much easier than clean joints in pavement durability and water absorption properties of the materials and overall presentation after years proved more trays than in their own gutters or drains balls.
6.Row – shower wall above the bathub
If you decided mainly for space reasons for choosing bathtubs, or in this case you do not have your head in sadness. Our company offers several designs just for baths. The only condition is that the models are made only for the classic straight and not curved corner of the bath. We do not specialize in the production of bathtubs on the market today there their number, each has its dimensions, shape and most rounded, so it is difficult for us to meet all demands. When you purchase the above careful. When choosing a bath immediately inform the production of the associated chains shower enclosures thereto. We offer a design with glass filler (GLASS, ROYAL) and polymeric (ROYAL LUX), transfer to cover the entire tub (ROYAL) or recently so popular folding models only part baths (GLASS, LUX). GLASS Series also allows you to tilt inwards and outwards, LUX series only inwardly, as it is a cheaper version.

7.Row – shower head or panel
If you had asked me this question a few years ago, my answer would be simple - shower head. It was one reason alone, that choice was not so great and was not about any designer pieces, before the white plastic and one where there nozzle. Today, however, everything is different, so refer to time in the production of shower enclosures, so it is also in the manu-facture of panels. Of course, the panel is more difficult to maintain than conventional warhead, but the enjoyment that you offer, you will not replace any even the most expensive housing. The panel is actually three ways to showering. Do you want rain? Simply select that function and make you feel unique. Do you desire to indulge your body with massage jets? Another option ... Do you want to rinse and recall feature classic shower? Although this option a panel offers you. So enter the world AQUATEK - the world water elements.
19 years on the marketis not a phrase of our society, it's really ... every year our company brings to market new products and new, better innovation, showering the other options ... if you want a luxury or vice versa belong to the humble, if you prefer simplicity over complex, know that you have found the right one. Put yourself in the world of AQUATEK, we want to shock you, pleasantly surprise and delight at the same time. Your joy, admiration and respect is our dream. Dreams always lead us forward. It is a challenge we have adopted. Fulfilling dreams is our victory. And we desire to win ...
Ivana Káčerová
AQUATEK s.r.o.