Maybe you know it ... when buying any product everyone is interested in its life. Maybe you do not believe me, but my answer always is that life affects the overall cleaning and maintenance. So it is also with shower enclosures.
Clean, clean, clean ... : O)

Enemy No. 1 – scale
The function of the anti-scaling TEKNO.CAL lies essentially in the fact that the glass shower cubicles remained hydrophobic, it does not create the scale and was antibacterial.

This adjustment is invisible to the naked eye, has optimum durability and applied with great ease on glass shower enclosure not only new, but also already installed (after administration of the preparation Remove.Gel 50). It's great for long-term protection and facilitates the transparency of glass work in cleaning and maintenance. The glass surface is actually extremely porous, the naked eye is not visible. This factor makes no specific treatment is rapidly losing its luster and transparency that stems from various problems in maintenance. Adjustment based on nanotechnology TEKNO.CAL was born from the experience of the producer, who worked for decades in the glass and ceramics industries. Chemical reaction in combination with siliceous earth, which is present in both the glass and the ceramic glaze, the adjustment binds to the surface to be treated, while you totally connected. This increases the hydrophobic properties of the surface, lower the minimum possible points of adhesion of dirt and deposits of limestone and sodium. The result is an extremely smooth and closed surface, followed by water resistance to the antibacterial effect. Tekno.Cal update can be applied to shower stalls, mirrors, glass and ceramic sinks, ceramic sanitary ware and tiles.

Edit anti-scale TEKNO.CAL: :
1) Assist the easier run-off, leaving behind only a very small amount of drops on the glass;
2) assist in cleaning glasses or acts by deposition of scale, which can remain in the minimum quantities on glass after drying, is more easily removed;
3) helps to keep hygienically clean shower cubicle with antibacterial effect, which remains active on the glass surface. We want in order to avoid misunderstandings. Do not expect to remain after showering glass perfectly clean and completely dry. This shall never to use a damp cloth to remove a very small amount of happen. So far, has been made no glass for shower enclosures that would remain dry, clean and glistening after it has been moistened after use. It is only covered by specific products, the effect of which is losing by use. It is difficult to remove limescale buildup of glass, which is not regulated, extremely easily removed from the treated glass products against limescale. This is the real difference. Therefore, after showering recommended droplets that remained on the glasses. If this act is not performed after each showering, we recommend at least once a week wipe glass with a damp cloth to remove easily spotted build-up of limescale.
TEKNO.CAL 125ml -28,60€ (VAT)
REMOVE.GEL 125ml -19,30€ (VAT)
Just very little time and again have gleaming glass. We recommend original product limescale in major manufacturers of shower enclosures. It is tested at European level over 12 years.

Today it is possible to apply an anti-limescale Tekno.Cal also has been fitted on shower cabins, on the glasses, where are spots evident from the established scale. Before applying the product Tekno.Cal need to use strong cleaning product for glass. REMOVE.GEL 50 is necessary for the efficient removal of limescale deposition and other corrosion remaining on the glass surface. After using the product Remove.Gel 50 for cleaning glasses is possible to apply an anti-limescale Tekno.Cal and shower will be like new. Caution: With the use of anti-scale Tekno.Cal on glass, on which are still traces of lime, the effect of this treatment is ineffective. Products for descaling and to keep a faster saggling drops on glass is intended only for floating, in no case for profiles, hinges and handles.

Enemy No. 2 – steam and dust
A pair of completely different composition and yet a pair who can wreak hell. If you let them do what they want it will be backfiring. You begin to snag hinges, door on the sliding door start to jump and stop to slide. If one adds to Lord scale, you have finished building material. Nothing else will not help as just regular cleaning.
Enemy No. 3 – aggressive cleaning agents
Advertising our daily, acts as a magnet for us, encourages us to make sure we use increasingly powerful aggressive cleaning agents. But the opposite is true. If we clean a shower regularly, there is no need to resort to stronger cleaners that are already produced on the basis acids. These "miracle" products have resulted from gradual damage, leaving unsightly spots on profiles, shower head, faucet.

AQUATEK recommends regular cleaning products, vinegar, may be as well as vinegar diluted with water, further proven cleaner, which is commonly available on the net stores DM drugstore, TESCO, TETA chemist named FROSCH. It is a product designed specifically to clean the entire bathroom, which just spread on a piece of fabric - the best Swedish blue cloth and wipe the glass composition. The preparation is left to operate for about 3 minutes and then rinse the area cleaned only with warm water. If someone is more pedantic glass can be polished Microfibre/Swedish cloth. With regular use of shower enclosure we also recommend traditional plastic squeegee, you can either hang directly on the wall or glass shower enclosure. After showering is just a glass surface with a spatula and wipe that minimizes the buildup of scale arising after drying drops. Effective, simple and inexpensive ...

It is also important maintenance of hinges, small hinges, rollers and guide profiles in them, seals and magnets. Also important is regular maintenance and cleaning of these parts of the mentioned preparations, plus extra if you feel worse opening the door, creaking hinges, wheels jumping, it is necessary to lubricate these parts. The best preparation is intended to silicone oil (WD 40), but you can also use cream (Indulona) or classic soap.

With regular maintenance you like your shower repay you trouble-free use ... so chop-chop ... shower Aquatek you need ...
Ivana Káčerová
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