Customer can send orders directly to the seat of AQUATEK or through its business partners and representatives. Orders will only be accepted if they are submitted in writing, by fax or by mail. Phone orders are accepted only in some specific cases, which is guaranteed or insured pick up the goods ordered. Alternatively, modification of orders sent to the Office AQUATEK will be accepted within 48 hours of receipt of this order.
The running of the delivery period begins on the date of receipt of order. AQUATEK company undertakes to deliver the goods ordered within 15 days of receipt of order. Delivery time is approximate, but it is not binding. Counting the days until the delivery date are working. The exceptions are those days (e. g. strike, public holiday or a supplier undelivered individual process components) when production on certain days suspended.
Prices of products, goods and massage panels are valid under the bid in individual contracts, drawn up by AQUATEK Topoľčany, taken from AQUATEK or by its agents. Prices are listed in the official price list of AQUATEK and expires on the date of release of the new price list. Product prices, which are not included in the official price list that means atypical, will be reported after receipt of a written or fax orders by telephone no later than 7 calendar days. After approval of such price by the purchaser the price becomes valid from the moment of notification.
Payment terms are specified in individual contracts or bids issued by AQUATEK and binding. Goods shipped and still remain unpaid property of AQUATEK until, unless the total amount of the goods. Returns of any goods not give a reason for the delay or non-payment of the goods. Payment for purchase of goods and products in a retail store at the company headquarters in Topoľčany is possible only in cash.
The goods taken directly to customers or customer carrier is transported to the customer's own responsibility. In the case of transport of goods by AQUATEK or mail, for merchandise until it was taken over responsibility AQUATEK company. Customers are obliged to check the delivered goods within 15 days upon delivery by AQUATEK and within 48 hours on transporting mail and shipping service.
For all products the companyAQUATEK provides to its production 24 months warranty. Improperly installed or improperly used the product to mechanical damage as well as the use of incorrect cleaning products are not covered by warranty.
1.) The goods are taken directly from the seller responsible customer immediately after its receipt..
The customer is obliged to check the goods within 15 days after its receipt.
2.) Goods consigned dealer, the customer must check within 15 days of delivery.
3.) The goods sent by post or other shipping company, the customer must check within 48 hours of receipt.
The complaint will be accepted if it is made in writing, by registered letter, fax or email within 30 days of receipt of goods (under 1 and 2) and within 7 days of receipt of goods (according to item 3). For each written complaint must add the appropriate photo documentation of which will be visible on what damage and defects in the product in question. The complaint must be duly accompanied by a proof of purchase. When claiming a new product is to be delivered this claim in the original packaging as proof of its handling. The complaint must be accompanied by photo documentation of packaging and packaging. Claim visible manufacturing defect or damage only new product delivered must be made prior to installation, in any event, not after. If it is determined that the product was first installed and then claimed, the claim will not be accepted in any case. Returns are not accepted due to incorrect installation, improper maintenance and use of incorrect cleaning products. Merchandise which is discussed and examined at the company's headquarters in AQUATEK Topoľčany.
Returns can only be in the original packaging and in perfect condition within 15 days of its receipt. When return is charged a handling fee, which is connected with the handling, inspection and cleaning of the returned product to the store.
Handling fee shower: 12, - Eur (VAT)
Handling fee per tray: 6, - Eur (VAT)
The handling fee for hydromassage panel: 4, - Eur (VAT)
The company AQUATEK refused to return a defective, dirty or otherwise adulterated products and goods.
Other provisions
We reserve the right to make technical and price changes. New information and any changes are always updated on the website: www.aquatek.sk